About GSOM

The precursor to Greek State of Mind was a company called one89seven. This company was started by two undergraduate members of Sigma Pi Fraternity (one from Monmouth University and one from The College of New Jersey) in 2009. one89seven began as a means to address the lack of high quality recruitment t-shirts for fraternity chapters. Within the first year of operations, the founders of one89seven took the company national and began accepting orders from other Sigma Pi chapters across the country.

GSOM's History

When both of the founders graduated from college, they closed one89seven. The company remained closed for a little over a year before a Sigma Pi alumnus approached one of the original founders about starting a new company with a focus on continuing to provide high quality t-shirts on a national scale. The two agreed to start a totally new company in January 2013 with a similar sounding name as the original – one89seven Apparel, LLC.

After the new company’s first year of operations, the owners decided to bring affordable, embroidered Greek letters to their lineup. In its second year of operations, the widespread and growing success of one89seven Apparel, LLC prompted the owners to begin thinking about expanding to cover additional fraternities as well as sororities, which they did in January 2015. The expansion saw the company grow from serving a single fraternity to serving 20 different fraternities and sororities as well as creating apparel for Monmouth University as well as local small businesses. In addition, the owners decided to change the trade name of the company from one89seven Apparel to Greek State of Mind.

GSOM's History

Today, Greek State of Mind operates a very successful and consistently growing business out of two home-based locations in New Jersey. The company attends at least two national fraternity conferences every year, four regional fraternity conferences, and hosts on-campus sales on college campuses including Monmouth University.