Campus Managers

Campus Manager Program

Are you looking for a way to monetize your campus networks while building a portfolio to prepare you for the professional world? If so, then consider becoming a Campus Manager for Greek State of Mind! As a Campus Manager, you can become the face of Greek State of Mind on your campus and help change the way custom apparel is designed and delivered to your campus community. Critical skills include networking with student organizations, implementing specialized marketing campaigns, facilitating new customer acquisition, and designing t-shirts for potentially thousands of your peers!

The amount of income you can earn as a Campus Manager is only limited by your passion and commitment to expanding the Greek State of Mind brand on your campus. And yes, there are more ways to earn money besides just selling t-shirts - Greek State of Mind provides multiple opportunities to increase your earning potential. 

Working as a Campus Manager for Greek State of Mind develops a variety of skills including gaining real experience in sales and marketing. These are the types of skills that will help you stand out when applying for jobs in the professional world. For all Campus Managers in good standing, upon graduation Greek State of Mind will provide you with a letter of recommendation to include in your application package for future employers.

Campus Manager Program
As a Campus Manager, you will be the face of Greek State of Mind on your campus. We are looking for those individuals who are self-starters and who understand the importance of brand representation. We prefer those who have held positions in a campus organization and understand the importance of leadership in achieving goals.

We are looking for individuals who are connected to multiple organizations on their campuses. Ideal candidates are well-connected students who are active on multiple social media platforms. The most successful Campus Managers are those who inspire a commitment to social excellence and are comfortable talking to individuals from all campus organizations.

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