Complete Guide to Sorority Recruitment: Attire, Expectations, and Pro Tips

Complete Guide to Sorority Recruitment: Attire, Expectations, and Pro Tips

Get ready, because recruitment season is just around the corner for all you sorority enthusiasts out there! To provide you with the ultimate resource, I've compiled insights from sorority applicants' questions, friends' experiences, and inquiries I usually get. Here's the comprehensive guide you've been waiting for.

Sorority Recruitment Wardrobe Selection

No matter if you're treating yourself to luxurious ensembles or being budget-conscious, aim for outfits that reflect your unique style and personality. Remember, classiness is key. On the first day, shorts are the go-to! 

Period 1: Start with a school T-shirt paired with shorts.

Period 2: Opt for a sundress matched with flats or wedges.

Period 3: Embrace church attire, complete with heels.

Pref: cocktail attire and heels for this stage.

Bid Day/Night: Feel free to sport your most comfortable shorts, and anticipate receiving your new sorority's bid day shirt – a truly exhilarating moment!

Navigating Sorority Recruitment – What Lies Ahead

Rush Week -  Guide to Sorority Recruitment

As a freshman, I felt the rush jitters and worried that potential sisters wouldn't truly get to know me due to my shy nature. Little did I know, those within the sorority houses were equally anxious. Every sorority strives for an exceptional pledge class, investing just as much effort into creating a flawless experience and making their sorority the ultimate choice.

Rush week isn't just about appearances, makeup, and hair – it's a transformative journey. Throughout recruitment, I recall hearing comments like "That house is packed with gorgeous girls, I don't fit in," or "They're all blondes," or even "I had an awkward conversation with a girl from that house." Remember, a single unfavorable experience might be the exception among a sea of positive interactions. Don't let intimidation take hold if you encounter a crowd of blondes sporting spray tans and full makeup. After all, the initial week revolves around surface impressions and materialistic elements. Yet, beyond bid day, you'll get to know the true essence of these girls and discover lifelong friends.

Dealing with the possibility of being cut is a reality I prepped my sister for, as she may not experience the same level playing field as others. Legacy status and in-house connections can influence perceptions, but it's crucial not to let potential rejections shatter your confidence. If you're a legacy or have a sibling within a sorority, remember that being cut from certain houses doesn't define you – it's more about the sorority's assumptions. Every year brings change, and don't discount your chances elsewhere. Embrace the opportunity to explore different houses and remember, sometimes a mismatch is a blessing in disguise.

When it comes to the daily routine during rush, expect a lengthy and possibly hot experience. While schedules may vary by university, hydration and rest are essential for enduring back-to-back conversations in tight spaces. Rush can take a toll on your voice, so be prepared to speak up. Anticipate both scorching temperatures and engaging discussions. Embrace the dynamics of continuous conversations with filler questions to keep things flowing smoothly. Some days will involve rapid transitions, while others might provide longer breaks – be adaptable and make the most of each moment!

Must-Haves for Sorority Recruitment

Must-Haves for Sorority Recruitment

Stay well-prepared with a few essentials:

Blotting Paper




A fan


Notepad with pen


Note: Confirm whether bringing a bag is permissible based on your local Panhellenic guidelines.

Mastering Sorority Recruitment Conversations

Mastering Sorority Recruitment Conversations

Navigating recruitment conversations may feel daunting, but remember, both sides play a role. Typically, in-house girls initiate conversations, but your active participation adds depth. Should you find yourself leading a dialogue, discussing your own interests and inquiring about sisterhood activities, values, and experiences is a great approach. Don't hesitate to compliment your conversational partner on their lipstick or nail polish if conversation lulls.

Expect a progressive shift in conversation topics throughout the recruitment days. Surface-level inquiries such as major, dorm, and hometown lead to more profound discussions about sisterhood, values, and friendship preferences. Honesty shines through, so be genuine about your motivations and aspirations. Research each sorority's colors, philanthropic causes, and values – this background knowledge can fuel engaging conversations.

Here are some conversation starters to consider:

Conversation starters

Do you spend time with your sorority sisters? What activities do you enjoy together?

Do you live with your sisters? (This can reveal the depth of their connections)

Is studying often done within the sorority house?

What sorority activities do you participate in as a group?

Did you make your closest friends through this sorority?

Are you an animal lover or owner?

What aspects attracted you to this sorority during your recruitment?

Are you engaged in other campus organizations?

What motivated your choice to attend this university?

Balancing academics and sorority life – how do you manage?

This list is just a starting point – tailor your questions to flow naturally and delve deeper into the sorority's culture.

Pro Tips for Sorority Recruitment Success

Pro Tips for Sorority Recruitment Success

In your quest for the ideal sisterhood, remember these valuable tips:

When assessing sororities, observe not just the conversations inside but also the interactions among fellow recruits outside. These are the people who will be your companions over the next four years, so choose wisely.

Honesty prevails – avoid concocting stories. Share genuine experiences, and if a philanthropic cause truly resonates, express your sincere connection.

Strive to be your authentic self, while also adding a touch of enhancement. First impressions matter, and a polished appearance can help you stand out.

Sophomores and juniors entering recruitment are just as valuable as freshmen. Embrace your unique journey, and don't be discouraged by the predominance of younger candidates. Your maturity can be a distinctive asset.

Prioritize the qualities you seek in sisters and friends. Create a checklist of your attributes, preferred qualities, and aspirations. This will guide you toward the sorority that aligns with your values.

Lastly, remember that recruitment is akin to dating – you're choosing the companions you'll share the next four years with. Choose carefully and with confidence.

With these insights and advice in mind, you're ready to conquer sorority recruitment and find your perfect match. Wishing you all the best during this exciting journey, and remember, your true home and lifelong friends are waiting to be discovered. Cheers to a fantastic recruitment experience! xx

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